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72                       THE FATE OF  MAN

But the organic structure and harmony have
decayed and religious beliefs have lost their
power. And now at a moment in history so
difficult that we are threatened with anarchy, the
masses burst in upon the centre of the stage.
But their entry is not altogether formless : they
appear, organized into collectives. This entrance
of the masses is accompanied by what amounts to
an obsession for organization. Hence the ten-
dency toward dictatorship, the search for a leader
who will replace the fallen authorities.

Well-organized collectives, a striving toward
unity in one huge collective—these are part of the
new forces of our epoch.  And the basis of these
newly-formed collectives is usually organizations
of youth,   communist,   fascist,   nazi.    Human
society is evidently no longer able to live in-
dividualistically, but only in unions, fraternities,
corporations, collectives.    The divorced, indivi-
dualistic, isolated life is a bourgeois result of
capitalist society where man is a wolf to his
fellows and every man thinks only of himself.
This situation cannot continue.    The bourgeois
and individually profitable life was possible only
for certain privileged people with a special calling,
not for the average man nor the mass.    The direct
result of this new role of the mass, organized into
collectives, and theit participation in culture, is a
lowering of cultural quality, a barbarizatkm: